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A very close friend whom you have known for a long time.
"I love my homeslices! We've known eachother

since pre-k!"
by I am your mom's mum. June 04, 2009
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1. Another term for homie, but more personal and often used amongst friends of the highest value.

2. A slice of homie. You have a group of homies, and homeslice is used to address just one of them.
Kristy: "Hey Peta, wanna go skateboarding?"

Peta: "Sure, homeslice."
by Kristy deSM November 08, 2011
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synonomous to "homie".
def 1: means good friend or buddy
def 2: means someone who seems like a little slice of home, thus home slice
Hey whassup home slice.
by Jay C October 16, 2003
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A good friend, aka a homie. This word is used when either greeting or departing from your homie. For example, "Yo homie, what's up!" Likewise, "Alright homie, I gotta dip like a potato chip." This term can also be used when asking your homie a question or making a bold statement (i.e.) "Hey homeslice, how much cheddah do I owe you?" or "Homeslice, you trying to rip me off yo?"
A good way to remember this term is to conceptualize a pizza pie. Assume every piece of pizza is a friend. You like slices of pizzas in the same respect you like your homeslices.

In essence,

Pizza slices = homeslices = homies
by Miss. Wiz March 21, 2010
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To be used in same context of of Homeboy.
person 1:"Yo my homeslice, holla up in yo face!"
person 2:"Indeed."
by Bish November 24, 2003
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