A very close friend whom you have known for a long time.
"I love my homeslices! We've known eachother

since pre-k!"
by I am your mom's mum. June 5, 2009
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1. Another term for homie, but more personal and often used amongst friends of the highest value.

2. A slice of homie. You have a group of homies, and homeslice is used to address just one of them.
Kristy: "Hey Peta, wanna go skateboarding?"

Peta: "Sure, homeslice."
by Kristy deSM November 9, 2011
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To be used in same context of of Homeboy.
person 1:"Yo my homeslice, holla up in yo face!"
person 2:"Indeed."
by Bish November 24, 2003
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A friend or buddy. Synonym for dude or homie.
Me: What's up Homeslice?
Friend:Oh nothin'. How 'bout you?
by Twinkie Bottlepop November 13, 2012
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home, referring to the ever so popular phrases including the following: home dawg, home nizzle, homie, homes..etc. and slice, referring to the freaking shiz niz (referring to the best of something) of the best of something

"What it do, homeslice?"

"OH, it do, dawg."
by Lt. Boom City April 5, 2009
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A person you could trust with anything/love in a platonic way; one with whom you roll deep.
Person 1: Oh my God I hate that girl!
Person 2: Don't you dare say that, she's my homeslice.
by SS21 March 4, 2014
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