A fake wiccan, usully in their teens, with little or no information about the religion.

Tend to make noise about their path.
The fluffy bunny coven got their "tradition" out of Charmed.
by Qw December 18, 2004
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A game where each person in turns puts a marshmellow into his/her mouth then says fluffy bunny. You are out if you eat a marshmellow, cant say fluffy bunny properly anymore or your marshmellows fall out of your mouth. Usually ends with winner running to nearest bin or loo afterwards.
Player 1 - fluffy bunny
Player 2 - fluffy bunny
Player 3 - fluffy bunny
Player 1 - fluffy bunny
Player 2 - fluffy bunny
Player 3 - fluffy bunny
Player 1 - fluffy bunny
Player 2 - mmuffy mmunny
Player 2 is out players 1 and 3 continue
by nobody cares April 3, 2005
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A sweet and SEXY fat girlie-girl.

Beautiful in ever way (knows what she has and knows how to make the best of it)
Gots it going on in all the right places
Fun and Playful


Not all fat girls can be Fluffy Bunnies. It takes a special fat girl to master this *wink*

Fluffy Bunnies come in all ages.

Also used: Fluffy Buni

Not to be confused with: the Wiccan term
One male friend to another,

"Damn...that's a sexy little Fluffy Bunny...mmmm."

"Been dating a hot little Fluffy Bunny and lovin it!"

"Screw those anorexic sticks dude, Me wants a pieces of that yummy Fluffy Bunny"

"woohooo....look at that Fluffy Bunny."

"That Fluffy Buni gots me floating on Cloud 9"
by Buni June 23, 2007
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Sex you get from your beautiful wife when you are really good on Easter, and she lets YOUR fluffy bunny burrow in her warm soft rabbit hole!
If you believe in the Easter Bunny and ask him for sweet treats in your basket you just might get the fluffy bunny effect!
by Nut Rastler April 24, 2011
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You shit (preferable a hard long turd) into a condom of your choice. Then proceed to use it as a Dildo. This is also a good technique for making a Cold Carl.... Just freeze the turd/condom and then remove the condom for a yummy treat.
Dude I uses a the fluffy bunny on you mom's vagina and it broke! Now she all infected and shit!
by Kaoshin May 3, 2007
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1. Used as a derogatory term for someone who is ignorant, wilfully ignorant and/or disrespectful towards Wicca yet claims to be Wicca.

2. Used as a derogatory term for someone who takes a 'Love & light' approach to Wicca – i.e. lives in a make-believe world of fairies and unicorns, or someone who has an unrealistic view of the good within the world.

3. Often a teen who becomes 'Wicca' in order to follow a fad, also known as 'McWiccans' or Charmed fans. Often identified by their oversized pentagrams, 'gothic' clothing and the belief that spells given to them by other Fluffy Bunnies online have some sort of power.

4. Silver Ravenwolf.

(Wicca: Initiate only priesthood working within a Pagan mystery tradition, where one can trace their lineage back to Gardner)
Fluffy Bunny #1 : Someone who has been misinformed about Wicca so believe there is no problem calling themselves Wicca – Fundamentalists will call these fluffy bunnies, more liberal views would call these misinformed (often actually Neo-wicca, Pagan or Seekers).

Fluffy Bunny #2 : Someone who has been misinformed, but is comfortable with the information they have been given, refusing to study further – All will call these fluffy bunnies.

Fluffy Bunny #3 : Someone who has been misinformed, but refuses to acknowledge any further information to the point of taking hissy fits and throwing abuse at anyone pointing out what Wicca is – All will call these idiot fluffy bunnies.
by JFaith February 14, 2006
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A person who appears innocent, cute, completely without the ability to do harm. This "fluffy bunny" is actually capable of extreme carnage and evilness if provoked. Derived from Monty Pythons Holy Grail see Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog.
"He cheated on his fluffy bunny girlfriend, and she took a baseball bat to his truck and his head when she found out. He is still in a coma."
by seeker007 May 2, 2008
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