26 definitions by Bam

extrodinarily bad. Something that doesn't perform the way it was intended
by Bam June 29, 2004
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Be Aware My Inker (=Bami) inker's are we, the people with no souls and bami is eating us alive.
by Bam August 15, 2003
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Mainly brit variant of to bitch, whine, complain.
Quit yer whinging and go to sleep.
by Bam July 31, 2004
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Some bitch ass nigga who fronts like whoa.
whyteout kills infamy with headshot
by Bam September 23, 2003
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kickback time
time to perfrom no useful function or work whatsoever.
Bell rang... it's k.b. time.
by Bam July 31, 2004
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Frank Iero is a God. His birthday should be celebrated every day with lots of candy and scary people (As his birthday is Halloween). He is the definition of hott, and is in the greatest band ever.
by Bam April 1, 2005
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