26 definitions by Bam

By far the best cpu on the planet. It benchmarks better than the Intel P4 and is about 200 dollars cheaper. Plus they dont have to make lame ass comercials to sell their product.
by Bam July 22, 2003
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extrodinarily bad. Something that doesn't perform the way it was intended
by Bam June 29, 2004
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A person or group of computer users that Terrorize the computer industry
with their inferior computers called Macs
A Maccie is very easy to identify, just insult Apple and you'll get a reply like this. "What did you say about Apple....I'm gonna strip a C4 to myself and take you out".
by Bam February 21, 2003
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Some bitch ass nigga who fronts like whoa.
whyteout kills infamy with headshot
by Bam September 23, 2003
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kickback time
time to perfrom no useful function or work whatsoever.
Bell rang... it's k.b. time.
by Bam July 31, 2004
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Frank Iero is a God. His birthday should be celebrated every day with lots of candy and scary people (As his birthday is Halloween). He is the definition of hott, and is in the greatest band ever.
by Bam April 1, 2005
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bartering usually with stolen goods
Do you accept christides card ? otherwise you'll have to wait a few days,I have a couple of 3dcards on ebay that should cover it.
by Bam February 16, 2005
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