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Fictional character from the television series "True Blood". Eric is a 1000+ year old vampire of scandinavian descent.

I don't really feel like explaining his lifestory but I'll tell you this, unlike Edward Cullen from Twilight, Eric is a badass motherfucker! He's arrogant, confident, witty, and a douchebag but it's what makes him fucking awesome. He also dresses well. He just oozes of coolness. Loves to wear leather jackets.

One of the only dudes who can wear flip-flop with jeans, a v-neck t-shirt and not look like a flaming faggot.

Can be put in the same category as Jason Staham when it comes to the few men that it is okay for straight men to have a crush on.
Eric Northman: "Humans..."

Eric: "Forgive him, he is abnormally attached to this human".

Eric: "Do I have blood in my hair?"

Eric: "And Pam... Those were great pumps (smirks)"

Eric: "I do not respond well to threats."
by BadassDude June 29, 2009
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1) Talented actress who used to be fucking hot, before she started sniffing cocaine, drinking massive amounts of alcohol and becoming anorexic.

2) Cocaine.

- Guy #1: Hey dude, I know it sounds fucking gay but did you see "Mean Girls"?

- Guy #2: Yeah bro! Lindsay Lohan was too fucking hot in that movie man.

2) Hey I got some of that Lindsay Lohan, a kilo to be exact.
by BadassDude May 27, 2009
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British Actor but not your faggy tea sipping Brit. He's one of the baddest motherfuckers in the world. In fact, he's considered by many to be Chuck Norris successor for the "manliest man in the world" title.

One of the few dudes it's okay for straight men to have a crush on.
if you punch Jason Statham in the face, you will break your hand and dislocate your shoulder.
by BadassDude May 26, 2009
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Porn Star every men in the world has masturbated to at least once in their life.
Dude, the other day I jerked off to an old Jenna Jameson flick.
by BadassDude May 27, 2009
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1) Fictional character of the book series "Twiglight". He is supposed to be a mean killer vampire but in reality, he is a pussy who sparkles when exposed to the sun.

Any man who is a fan of Edward Cullen is either gay or a closet homosexual.

2) To look like a flaming faggot.
1) Edward: "This is the face of a monster" (goes under the sun ray... then begins to sparkle like a fairy)

Bella: "OMG, you're beautiful"

Edward: "No shit Sherlock! I'm glittery faggot!"

2) Dude, what are you wearing? You look like Edward Cullen
by BadassDude June 29, 2009
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President of the the # 1 Mixed Martial Company in the world, the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

He is considered by many to be a genius, as he took a company that was basically going down the toilet and turned it into a billion dollar business.

Many consider him to be a douchebag, because of his tough guy attitude while having a unisex (girly at least) name.

Dana is characterized by his love for profane laced tirades and his ambition of destroying anyone who doesn't go along with his ways. He single handedly annihilated many of his competitors such as EliteXC and Pride Fighting Championship, for example.

Loves to use the words "shit, fuck, motherfucker, fucking retarted and fuck you".

He also hates Tito Ortiz.
Dana White :" You fucking dumb bitch, fuck you!"

Dana White: "So you think you want to be a fucking fighter?"

Dana White:" This guy is abso-fucking-lutely fucking retarded."

Dana White:" Tito is a fucking idiot."

Look at fucking douchebag who thinks he's a badass, he must think he's Dana White.
by BadassDude May 24, 2009
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One of the worst big cities in the world. The people of toronto absolutely suck ass and the night life is pure shit.

- The last call for alcohol is at 2 am.
- You can't buy liquor or beer anywhere but at a government owned establishment (which most of them close at 9 pm: LCBO).
- The weed is the worst in the world.
- The clubs are pack with dudes, with a ratio of like 9 dudes per chick in clubs.
- The city reeks.
- The majority of people dress like absolute crap and have no fashion sense whatsoever.
- For some reason, most Toronto chicks don't like to hang out with girls or don't have too many chick friends because they all stab each other in the back (haha).
- The toronto Maple Leafs absolutely suck ass (good reflection of the city overall).
- The strip clubs are the worst. The lap dances are 20$ and you're not supposed to touch (of course I do anyway and the chicks like it).
- They have the worst drivers in the world.
- It's filled with fucking annoying faggot douchebags.
- There's really nothing to see there. It's an absolutely shitty version of New York.
- Cost of living is high for such a boring city.
- You go downtown after 9 PM and it's completely DEAD! (except for the shitty "entertainment" disctrict which is filled with dudes laced clubs.)
- People from Toronto hate the city, so need I say more?

In a nutshell, Toronto is New York's retarded half brother.

- There are some pretty hot chicks (from all sorts of diverse ethnic backgrounds).
- The chicks are dumb as hell.
- The chicks are pretty easy to get in bed (especially if you speak 4 languages fluently and happen to be a good looking 6'2 and lean 205 lbs guy like me.)
Dude #1: hey let's go to Toronto Canada to bang plenty of fucking chicks.

Dude #2: No fucking way bro! I'd rather hang myself than go to fucking Toronto.

Dude #1: You know what? fuck it, lets go to Montreal instead.

Dude #2: Yeahhhh, now you're talking!
by BadassDude May 27, 2009
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