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A gigantic brainwashing cover that the media and the government uses to blindly mislead people into all going the same way. Mainstream should die. I hate people nowadays because they are all the same: Same trend, same bland as pigshit personalities, and same predjudice. Rap is known for influencing mainstream. So is Hip-Hop.
Mainstream should die.
by BOFH November 29, 2004

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A great vocalist. Was part of the band Alice in Chains. A great man.

Alice in Chains > Nirvana

Layne Staley > Kurt Cobain
Person 1: Man, turn that stuff up, time for some AiC!
Person 2: Hell yeah! Gotta love Layne Staley's vocals. They own Kurt's to the max.
by BOFH December 30, 2005

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The art of becoming entirely aware of who you are. When in this state, you can change anything about yourself. You can make yourself feel extremely light, extremely heavy, and even change some emotional properties, such as making yourself feel happy or sad.

Hypnosis is commonly used by psychologists to help patients cope with their problems. Hypnosis is also known to rid of any addictions you might have.

Unlike meditation, in hypnosis you do not focus on one thing.
I hypnotised myself and I made myself feel like I was flying. It was a truly enjoyable experience.
by BOFH June 19, 2005

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Because the assholes at HL2World for some reason do not like Maddox, they put a filter on that changes his name to swineswill.
Hey man, do you read swineswill too?
by BOFH March 30, 2005

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A little red wagon that traverses the city streets. when it hits someone, they go spazz.
AHHH!! HERE COMES THE SPAZWAGON!!! Run for your non spazness!!
by BOFH August 31, 2004

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"A lot".

In the style of cockney rhyming slang - to my knowledge, invented by myself, but I could be wrong.
"Whoa, that's an asspot of bots."
by BOFH May 23, 2004

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The place of worship on a friday night, the best club in the UK

Northeast night club where there is "lots of fanny"
Are ya going down the trees the nite like eh?
by BOFH March 13, 2004

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