11 definition by BLAH BLAH

a big hairy baby (AKA a full grown man who wears tighty whities)...Oh right, his back is hairier than his chest.
those guys at starbucks
by blah blah January 04, 2004

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When you dont get laid for a long time.
guy: I havent got laid for mounthes

chick : o, still cold in canada ?
by blah blah December 18, 2004

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aka Hicktown USA... where boys favorite cars are trucks which say GIT R DONE. People are happy if their corn grows an inch a year, the smell of mushrooms fill the air and make people sick to their stomaches.
You know you are in Unionville when,
You see random cows all over the place,
you smell the rancid smell of mushrooms from nearby Kennett,
You see a huge Wal Mart right in the middle of a random field
by Blah Blah December 15, 2004

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Crap ass town on Long Island
They live in Shirley, On long island.
by Blah Blah February 28, 2005

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