5 definitions by BIG SCRAP

a tall and skinny person with a big ass head
Person 1: Holy shit, look at that guy. He's 6"8, weighs 100 pounds, and biggest head I've ever seen.

Person 2: Oh my. He a squid boi.
by BIG SCRAP November 11, 2015
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1. a person who has a mad long bio on their instagram saying how much time they devote to their sport, yet they are complete ass of an athlete. An insta athlete posts a lot of emoji's in their bio and constantly posts photos about how they are grinding, yet barely practices and absolutely sucks. This "elite athlete" may have a lot of followers, but their game is terrible and do not deserve their large amount of followers
Person 1: Dude where playing John from central tonight! He has 4000 followers and is always on his grind.

Person 2: Nah man he ass. I watched him hoop last night. Went 0-11from the field with 5 turnovers.

Person 1: Damn. He an insta athlete.
by BIG SCRAP November 12, 2015
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That guy who is not in very good shape, yet feels the need to criticize everyone on their form and the amount of reps someone does during a specific exercise.
Guy 1: Yo dude, your curling form is horrible. Straighten your arms and increase your weight.

Guy 2: STFU Mr. Fitness Instructor. Since when did you become an expert this shit?
by BIG SCRAP November 24, 2015
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something you say when you just know you fucked up; usually when something bad or unfortunate happens
Guy 1: Where the fuck is my car?

Guy 2: I saw that big ass nigga cop it and drive off.

Guy 1: Ah shit yo.
by BIG SCRAP November 11, 2015
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1. an all out brawl; a huge fight that is just straight up out of control

2. A big scrap is also mad hyped and is talked about for a long time
Guy 1: Yo! Did you see Laquan beat the shit ouf TIQUANDO?

Guy 2: Yeah homie. That was a big scrap boi.
by BIG SCRAP November 12, 2015
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