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Clueless is when someone has no idea whats going on, and a specific person comes to mind that fits this word/ definition perfectly...George W. Bush!
George W. Bush is the worst president of my time and the man not only is a retarded prick, but hes absolutely oblivious and clueless to what is going on. VOTE KERRY '04"
by B-Dizzle November 01, 2004

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can be used to amplify positive words, also can be used in conjuction with 'mad' or 'hella'
Dude, that hot dog was stupid good!

Your mom is mad stupid hot,yo!
by b-dizzle May 22, 2002

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Something only really cool people can call one another.
Them are some sweet dubs on your hooptie breigh
by B-dizzle February 23, 2004

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When one needs to convert any combonation of pennies, nickels or dimes to equal 25 cents in one piece of coinage, they would ask for a solid quarter.
Hey Safi, can I get a solid quarter for the phone?
by B-Dizzle February 18, 2005

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awesome, cool, good
Did you see his mom's mini-van? It's dope!
by b-dizzle May 22, 2002

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Situation Normal All Fucked up
something went wrong
There was a snafu when i was making Easy Mac and the microwave exploded!
by b-dizzle May 22, 2002

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the greatest skate crew of all
from victoria bc canada
mobbed is the best! ...i love that brett frankson guy...
by b-dizzle June 18, 2003

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