a term that can be used for many differents reasons, like if you are going to the bog for a number 2, or going to get your willy out for your girl, or letting your hamster out for a run
mate im desparate for a poo, frigging constipated ! dude toilets down there, go release the beast
by keirse July 12, 2010
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The scene here is that of inside a strip joint during a "big event."

(Women are cheering as their favorite male stripper does his amazing seductive dance)
Male Stripper:(has just taken all of his clothes off when all of a sudden, he feels an intense bowel movement inside his belly)
Male Stripper: (shouting to the crowd of women) Sorry for the time out ladies, but I really need to go release the beast! I have a bad case of beer shits in here!! (tries to run to the restroom but he's too late)
Male Stripper: Aaah. Aaaah! Oh shit NO, there it goes!!
(Women in the crowd hurl humiliating and deriding comments and insults at the male stripper to express their disgust of what they just saw)
Male Stripper: Fuck.

And the moral of this little story is that if you are working as a male stripper, be sure to use the restroom and expel as much bodily waste as possible before the show. Oh and if you have diarrhea, please take a break from the job until you can shit normaly and less frequently.

Mark H. Adding more terms for the removal of fecal matter from your body to UrbanDictionary since February 2004.
by Mark H October 21, 2004
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Usually used when fighting or about to fight, in this case it is used when hanging up on a rude or abusive caller. Can be used as a passive aggressive weapon if calls are being monitored or if a manager is nearby and you don't want them to hear you rip said caller a new asshole
If this bitch raises her voice to me again, I'll release the beast and hang up on her ass.

"So then I told her that we don't allow non-service dogs in this hotel and she flipped out on me, calling me a cunt and all this other shit."
"What did you do?"
"I released the beast. I wasn't going to stand there listing to someone scream at me over shit I don't control."

by Brett Burkhardt May 12, 2008
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To drink a large quantity of Milwaukee's Best. This is usually done with the intention of getting hammered drunk.
Jake: (Rolling into a party with a case of Milwaukee's Best) "It's time to release the beast!!"
by Jimi_Thing March 30, 2009
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