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A place where all the ill people live...hiphop,fashion,and a whole lots of shit..
look on the map bitch!!
by azure November 29, 2003

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Pontius Pilate for the 21st Century
George W. Bush was greatly amused by the sock puppet.
by Azure September 08, 2004

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Something so large that a standard English word cannot accurately communicate the size and scope, therefore the speaker must resort to the use of a combination of several words to describe the object. Used mostly to describe ideas and inanimate objects.
Tony Robbins head and ego is gi-normous.
by Azure February 10, 2005

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The ability to be completely unknown to anyone anywhere except in America.
Never drink soap or be Hilary Duff
by Azure September 10, 2004

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The only one in the Sugababes worth looking at.
: Dude, do you like The Sugababes?

: There's more than one of them?
by Azure September 08, 2004

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I instrument used around the world to make various of beatz for music....

Some scratch djs begin to publicly experiment with, and develop their own methods of scratch notation. Most notable of the group, John Carluccio, director and creator of "Battle Sounds", shares his system of scratch notation with other DJs around the world
technic,vestax,go to a music store and look for one!
by azure November 29, 2003

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The enthusiastic advertising for "Kewn's World" placed (usually contravening some rule or law) at amusing and or highly visible or dangerous locations by a member of the Kewn Urban Militia for the purposes of propaganda and or roffles.
1. The Story Bridge in Brisbane, Australia fell victim to Kewnage.

2. With the increase in Kewnage on hash Brisbane, the natives were growing restless and the tithes were being levied again.
by azure March 28, 2003

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