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What happens sometimes when you're skateboarding and really not paying attention to the road in front of you. Usually the smallest rock, stick, pebble, or whatever, will stop your wheel(s), causing your board to stop and you to have a bit of a spill depending on how fast you're going
Huston: Sick man, did you get that from trying to do a heel-flip 360 at SPOT the other day?
Townend: Nah man, it's just a cruise bruise.
by Aster Wind March 21, 2007
Basically, to use the trucks of your skateboard to hit someone.

Carth: I asked Bam Margera for his autograph, but he decided to be an ass and truck stop me instead...I still have the bruise.
Talan: Dude, I truck stopped this whore at the skatepark yesterday cause she was blocking the quarter-pipe.
by Aster Wind March 21, 2007
Basically, all the other entries about it being a soul stealing waste of time are fucking true...man don't even get into this game unless you'd like to lose all your friends and live in your mom's basement for the rest of your fucking life...man, I finally decided to get a life after being level 70 something, but fuck, I'll never be able to get back all those wasted hours of my life...@#$&!
PK4lifebz342(made up name): Hey man, I just killed 675 moss giants and now I'm gonna go make some strength potions out of limpwurt roots and red spider eggs
rsismylife52: Sweet dude, I'm gonna go to Lumbridge to scam some newbs for the hell of it and then I'm going to do Dragon Slayer.
PK4lifebz342: Shit, I finished that centuries ago...I'm gonna go alchemize 1000s of steel plates that took me days to make and then I'm gonna put on my dragon 2H, rune complete...

You get the point...just do speed or stoges, it will be easier to quit than playing Runescape
by Aster Wind March 18, 2007
Another way of saying good bye...originated from one of those gay-looking but hella awesome Nancy Drew computer games...I just don't know which one because there's like a billion now.
Nyjah: Hey, I gotta go.
Fiona: Okay, hasta la pasta
by Aster Wind March 19, 2007