abv. Two H's (hole and heartbeat), usually refering to males who look only for women for sex or sexual plesure, rather than a long relationship, and have no wish to have any other contact with the woman in question. Althought the heartbeat part is not always looked for.
"Sarah dont sleep with Jim he's a 2H!"
by Corpus Corax November 2, 2007
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this is when a potentialy gay highschool student takes a shower for two hours. Masturbation is must to make it an official 2HS.
Dude Magnasko took a 2HS last night i was pissed.
by TJ Nolin February 16, 2006
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A toyota motor that produces less horsepower than a lawn mower. If you own a 2h you've probably thought about converting to a 12ht or your just a pussy if you dive a 2ah landcruiser your probably an old cunt who likes sitting on 20kph
Yeah bro my 2h just overtook a garden snail
by Trickyballs February 26, 2021
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