Someone chaotic, protective and unique. Very cute and looks innocent but is really a little gremlin. Funny, lots of dark humor and trauma, but still bubbly and bright and cares for the people they love a lot :)

Gives off very friendly, easy to talk to vibes :D
"hey you know Tenn? The nice one with a interesting name??"

"Oh yeah, they're really nice and sweet, but don't get to know their dark side lol"
by Tenn<3 June 7, 2022
The western portion of the state of Tennessee. Everything west of the Tennessee river.
The realest niggas stay in West Tenn. The farther east you go the lamer the niggas get!
by Tone Capps April 3, 2006
It means u want to fuck people very hard but just that one special blond girl with green eyes
I would tennes tepes Her
by Goodgirl226 February 6, 2016
Short for the state...

The definition of sexy.

If you ever find One... Leave him the fuck alone... He's mine
I know dimes that will never add up to Tenn
by Evil Intent July 4, 2021