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Term used most commonly in Canada and the northern region of Minnesota, specifically the iron range, as a short, alternate word for an unofficial game of hockey played outdoors on a flooded, home-made rink or a frozen body of water such as a pond or lake.
Grab your skates and stick, there's a game of shinny out on the pond!
by Arnie on Ice March 16, 2008

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An unofficial game of hockey played on either an outdoor man-made rink or a frozen body of natural water such as a pond or lake. Pond hockey differs from an official game of hockey in the sense that it is much more free-flowing with few game stoppages. Rules and style of play differ on many scales from regional differences to simple pre-game rule setting. Rules such as off-side and icing are often thrown out. The most unique aspect, however, is pond hockey is possible without the employment of a goaltender. Many alternate scoring methods are used instead such as hitting posts and the crossbar to score goals. Also called "shinny" in some areas.
Gather the lads and let's go play pond hockey!
by Arnie on Ice March 16, 2008

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A French term translated in English as "The Terrible Children" that depicts a fictional genetic experiment which originates from the popular Sony Playstation game "Metal Gear Solid."

The experiment consisted of using genetic alteration and cloning from the cells of a late soldier known as Big Boss, whose genes were identified as the "ultimate soldiering genes." The project brought forth the creation of the game's protagonist, Solid Snake, as well as two antagonists, Liquid and Solidus Snake by injecting Big Boss' sperm cells into a surrogate mother and producing non-identical octuplets, all eight clones receiving different pedigrees. In addition to these figures, the experiment also brought forth the Genome Army many years later, who were regular soldiers injected with Big Boss' soldiering genes in order to alter their own to become more efficient. The Genome Army would later be dubbed as a failed experiment, as it was later discovered that all Genome Soldiers were slowly dying due to gene instability from the alteration of their own genes.

The term was dubbed as "The Terrible Children" due to both the social immorality in which it represented and the extremely high mortality rate in which the clones faced. 60% of the clones faced death with Solid, Solidus and Liquid Snake being the sole survivors of an original octuplet series, with five others intentionally aborted in order to enhance the growth of the remaining three fetuses.
While playing Metal Gear Solid I was completely baffled by the explanation of "Les Enfants Terribles."
by Arnie on Ice March 16, 2008

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A group of young, boastful and often times borderline arrogant young men with a penchant for an activity played on ice that's sometimes considered a brawl to begin with but a game in the end, or possibly the other way around, and is known to the general public as "ice hockey." These young men have a taste for grit and a love for finesse and use such obscure terminology such as "Dangling and tricks with skates and sticks," or "Atta boy lad! Keep wheelin!" These young men have indomidable spirits and are known to make poor boyfriends from the months October through May.
Broadski: The Stanley Cup Finals are tommorow.
Arnie: Party at my place, invite all of "les boys."
by Arnie on Ice February 28, 2008

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An event in which numerous participants bring beer to an outdoor ice rink and play a game of ice hockey. Players consume their beer between shifts. Often results in a gongshow.
Call up the lads, I have a case of beer and feel the itch for a pond party!
by Arnie on Ice March 16, 2008

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Nickname commonly referring to American city Detroit, MI for it's success in the NHL. The original Hockeytown, USA however, is Eveleth, MN, which was the first city to claim the title and is the home of the USA Hockey Hall of Fame.

***Note*** Sports Illustrated and Yahoo! Sports both agreed in 2007 that the title of "Hockeytown USA" should be moved from Detroit, MI to St. Paul, MN and was published in both internet and press articles.
Detroit used to be Hockeytown, but St. Paul has so many more passionate hockey fans, the title was moved.
by Arnie on Ice March 01, 2008

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