A being of unimaginable reckoning.

Is known to be intimidatingly hairy.
Tends to be profoundly loud.

These sort of people also get too into video games.

Go crazy for technically wet beings.
Cannot enjoy the small things in life without pointing out the stupidity of it, at times.

Tall and solid.

And again...LOUD.
by Mr Red 777 August 24, 2010
doing something that is often dumb or funny.
Hey he just pulled a solly
by Jim September 3, 2003
Real name George Sears, ex-President turn Dead Cell leader.

He is the third of three "super soldiers" that was created in the Les Enfants Terrible project, which was a cloning experiment designed to make clones from the legendary Big Boss.

His title as President was stripped by the Patriots after he failed to capture Metal Gear REX in the Shadow Moses incident. Little did he know this was down to Revolver Ocelot, the Patriot Spy.
Colonel Gurlukovich... and his daughter, Olga?

Both fell victim to Ocelot's plot.

Was Solidus Snake behind all this? He used Ocelot to get hold of RAY, huh?

No. He was underground, keeping a low profile at the time.

Then it must be the Patriots...

If that's the case, what's Ocelot doing alongside Solidus?
by Stevie B the Bounty Hunter December 12, 2005
Solidus Snake is the main antagonist in the ps2 video game called Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons of Liberty unknown to both Solid Snake and Liquid snake he is the third snake. A survivor from the Les Enfants Terribles back in 1972. Unlike Liquid and Solid only have only one part of Big Bosses DNA(recessives or dominate genes) Solidus has a perfect balance. But the Patriots aged him so much so he can look like Big Boss and they entrusted him the presidency.

Four year since the "Shadow Moses" incident he wants his revenge agsinst the Patriots who used him like a puppet. He has to fight against his clone brother Solid Snake and his adopted Son Raiden.

He wears a exo-suit that enhances his muscles and speed. The glides across and leaves a trail of fire. Solidus used a P90 sub-machine gun and also used a daisho (Katana and Wakizashi set); the "Minshuto" (Democrat) and "Kyowato" (Republican) blades. . He lost his left eye fighting his brother and son.

At the end of the game he was Killed by his son Raiden. He wanted to be free and leave his own mark in human history but the Patriots will make sure that will never happen.
"so you're the boss around here"-Raiden
"no not just around here I'm the boss to surpass Big Boss himself Solid Snake"-Solidus Snake
" No that is NOT solid snake"-Solid Snake
"what a pleasant surprise-brother"-Solidus
"Save it you're no brother of mine"-Snake
"don't say you've forgotten me-Snake"-Solidus

"Brother I'm a whole different game from Liquid"-Solidus

"that the best you can do Snake?"-Solidus

"The world needs only one Big Boss"-Solidus

"I'll drown you fools for interfering"-Solidus

"BURN BABY! "-Solidus

"ill let you go out in style"-Solidus
by Emran Ismail August 13, 2010
Some guy from EP.

He made Final Fantasy Paradise n stuff.

he was ffiinnaall before on EP.

he is not well known enough to be part of the EP awards. and even if he was he would lose.
by Soldius Joe August 12, 2004
the greatest person in the world. anyone with this nick is also the greatest.
by urbandictionary.com June 8, 2003