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An undeniable awesome band, which was formed in the end of '96. They mostly play Gothic Metal, but also have hints of Death Metal Black Metal and Opera, which fits really well with their female vocalists voice.

Tristania has 3 vocalists:

Vibeke Stene - female vocals
Kjetil Ingebrethsen - death vocals
Østen Bergøy - clean vocals

Tristania has at the moment 5 albums on the street, first one being Tristania, then in order of appearence:

Widow's Weeds
Beyond the Veil
World of Glass
by Atheuz October 13, 2005
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Extremely dumb metal that cannot be used for literally anything. It is absolutely useless, just like the dumb name that it's been given.
Hey what are we going to do with all that tristanium? A piece of shit would be more useful.
by Topkektrump August 15, 2017
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