Dramamine-motion sickness medicine that you can buy over the counter for a couple bucks its really easy to lift to
when you take more then then the recommended dosage it fucks you up if you take 10-15 of them you will probably be really tired and quiet and forget everything you are saying you will see that everything around you starts to morph slightly you can become really scared of loud noises also 15-20 you will probably have all of the effects of before plus you will most likely hear voices in your head and might start halucinating if you take 20-25 you will have lots of voices in your head and you will start taking to them and you dont know if what you heard is the people with you or the voices in your head and you could possibly start seeing people and the people you see look really realistic and at the time it all seems normal to you 25-and up you turn into a brain dead zombie and all of your common sense is completely gone and you act like a complete lunatic

Alot of the people ive talked to that have used dramamine including me can noticably see the side effects of it you can pretty much tell that you are fucking more braindead than you were in the first place dont get me wrong this shit can be fucking fun when you have nothing else to do but i wouldnt recommend it ive used pretty much every drug other than pcp cause that shit scares the fuck out of me but i couldnt tell a difference in myself from anything else i have done

Also most of the people i have talked to have seen spiders all the fuck over the place and i fucken hate spideres that has happened to me twice and i was scared shitless and running around my house trying to get away from them and in two experiences on dram i have had whole parties of people at my house when there was really only a couple of people you also loose your sense of time you could think hours have gone by in a couple of seconds or think you have been sitting in the same spot for a week

I also took 37 pills once and i would advise you to stay under 25 pills because i was so fucked it was pretty bad i also didnt mean to take that many pills i was high from the night before and decided it would be a good idea to take some dram right when i wook up so me and one of my friends took 12 each and then we couldnt really feel that much so we each took about 8 more and we still werent satisfied and then i think we each took 4 more because thats all we had left so we decided to drive to walmart to buy some more bad idea we were chasing penguins while driving and then once we got in walmart i ran around screaming where is the baloons and sparkles and i was talking to random people and then when we got to the checkout line my friend bought the dram and left the store and it took her a couple minutes to figure out that i was not with her so she went back into the store and i was standing and staring at the cashier so then we finally got in the car and somehow we got back home without crashing the fucking car so when we got home we took 5 more which would have gotten us at 29 and we still thought we were completely normal which we clearly werent and we took 8 more and a lot of bad shit happened i sat staring at a wall for more than 5 hours and thought a week had passed and there was creepy people chasing me and i dont really remember that much more but it fucking sucked for the most part

You can try dramamine but i wouldnt do it more than a couple times because it fucks your brain up im not positive but i heard that it doesnt just kill brain cells it actually eats holes in the lining of your brain so i think you should just stick with illegal drugs because they are way less harmful
by Izzy9857 February 10, 2008
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Brand name for the drug Dimenhydrinate.

Motion sickness medicine sold in just about every drug store, and really easy to steal.

Taken in amounts usually upwards of 900mg (in 50 mg tablets that equals out to around 18), gives you a trip similar to the trip you get after staying up a week on ice, only more intense- also a hallucinogen related to LSD. You'll find yourself mumbling with your head down, eyes wide open, dreaming, then at some point you realize you're doing it and you're easily startled. Anything and everything that goes through your head seems real, someone says water and the floor is the ocean. Often demonic sorts of hallucinations will appear, but it all seems natural at the time, and nothing you see scares you.

Dan- "Dude, what are you doing?"
Me- "I'm swimming"
Dan- "Man that's a table, not water"
Me- "Your face is melting."
Dan- "what the hell?"
Drew- "Dude he took like a billion dramamine pills earlier, he's tripping the fuck out"
Dan- "sweeeet gimme some'a dem shits"
by Buddy Christ January 22, 2007
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Diphenhydrinate, an over the counter motion sickness medicine classified as an antihistamine. Large recreational doses cause convincing dreamlike hallucinations and delirium.
We took 8 Dramamine tablets and started seeing shit that seemed real.
by Azefeari March 10, 2019
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OTC drug that will make you really scared and jumpy. Things will "jump" out at you around corners and make you jump like dhjfjhsd. You also see things in the corner of your eyes and when you look nothing is there. You can also watch TV while it is off, hear noises, listen to people speak in different languages, and say weird things that make so much sense at the time, but later you will be like wtf (if you even remember that is).

Basically you will want to go under the covers and hide and wish it was all over. It seems like it would be fun, but it def. is not.

You may have severe case of cotton mouth after the trip, so drink lots of water. You might also get lightheaded on random occasions for the next couple of months, too
I looked at the top of the stairs and even though my friend was about 30 feet away I got so scared and practically had a heart attack.
by Jeff January 11, 2005
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OTC drug that'll make you trip. it's more of a deleriant than a hallucinogen, you can't tell the difference between what's real and what's not. and it's hard to tell yourself that it's just the drug making you see things. not recommended for everyone.

go to erowid.org for more info
i took dramamine last week and was almost completely insane
by poet's dream January 16, 2004
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A motion sickness pill that can be bought at over the counter stores it can make you trip and you cannot tell the difference between whats real and what isnt do not do this drug it makes you stupid I did it twice and I already feel more retarded.
Doing dramamine is stupid!! its not enjoyable and it makes you retarded!! stick with weed!!
by Steve8282 August 09, 2004
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An OTC drug that fucks you up. I would not recommend this drug to anyone. From personal experience. DO NOT mix this drug with any kind of other drug either this will result in overdose and putting you in intensive care. Not only does this drug, when taken in large amounts, make you see things you don't know what's real and what isn't.It is very hard to hide thatyou're on anything when tripping on dramamine. There's so many side effects that are harmful to your body, you're heart will beat very fast and can almost completely stop for atleast a mintute. This trip will last about 10 hours at the least. WHen the trip is over your body is still going to need to recover from the amount of medicine you took. You might feel very depressed and like no one likes you. You might even want to commit suicide. Your body doesn't want anything to eat or drink therefore making you anorexic. If you do try this dangerous drug after your trip i would strongly recommend drinking lots of water and trying to eat regularly. The medicine drys your insides out and can make you dehdrated. SOme of your brain will be completely shut off while on this drug.
To stay away from all the harmful effects this drug has on your,ENTIRE life STAY FAR AWAY FROM IT!!!!!!!SERIOUSLY
Guy 1:man what happened to that girl yesterday at school?
Guy 2:she was tripping on dramamine and triple c's, now she's in intensive care at the local hospital.
Guy1:are you serious?
Guy2:yeah,they took her in an ambulance.
Guy1:wow that sucks i hope she's okay.
by hotyrhnf April 10, 2008
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