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to be extremely extroverted due to being overexposed to your schools drama department. Dramatization usually occurs after becoming a thespian. when dramatized, the simplest of sentences and tasks can be completely loud overblown and obnoxious.

oscar: wow, he's dramatized
by johnnyhash123 January 19, 2010
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Having endured a series of ridiculous social or family crises.
My cousin's being interrogated for the shooting of her boss, Jody's freaking out that her boyfriend's been stealing her stuff and selling it on ebay, and my boss just asked me to a dinner party with all the people from work that I hate. I'm totally dramatized.
by TomcatNY April 04, 2009
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when being forced to become part of someone elses drama, you are drama-tized
she wouldnt stop telling me all of her troubles, i got so drama-tized
by jt_colter November 20, 2011
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The pseudo-tramatizing effect day time soap operas have on gullible people who watch constantly.
Jane was so dramatized when she learned Bill had cheated on Monica with Todd and his pet goat on As The Swirl Turns yeaterday.
by Mossgard June 24, 2007
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