6 definitions by Argh

"Sensitive new-age guy"
You kow Joe, he is a real snag.
by Argh July 6, 2003
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Short for "enemy".
The nme base is locked down tight.
The nme is breaking through
I killed the nme spy, all clear.
by Argh July 7, 2003
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Turn your sg to face the door.
I killed the sg in the ramp room.
by Argh July 7, 2003
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Kour are a group of people who practice the art of Parkour (free running) in North London

look it up
The three practicing members of Le Kour are
they have been practicing since december 2003
thats all i have to say...
by Argh November 8, 2004
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Team Fortress Classic is the 1999 update to the popular 1996 mod for Quake. It launched Half-Life's multiplayer features into the stratosphere, complimenting the amazing single-player experience with an equally superb multiplayer one. Some see it as a stop gap until Team Fortress 2, others as a testing ground to try new features which may or may not appear in this long awaited title. Others simply play it for what it is. Either way, it too is a hugely enjoyable mod with a healthy number of supportive servers and the backing of Valve Software.
TFC is a team oriented online game.
by Argh July 6, 2003
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good charlotte, simple plan, avril lavigne, blink 182, yellowcard and all those other sucky bands are now "pop music" in the 90's it was Britney, NSYNC and backstreet boys. Yes, good charlotte is today's NSYNC
Me: What type of music do you like
Person: Umm....good charlotte, yellowcard, taking back sunday
Me: Ew, stop listening to that sucky pop music and put in some Leftover Crack
by Argh August 16, 2004
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