A group that roam the area of east sydney. They think they own the streets and the entire network or "league" as they call it.

Rumour has it, that much like the Universe, SG was created with a "Big Bang", this is officially named the "Worm Fart". Which upon release has the innate property of raising the level of dopamine in all SG members within it's radius. Inducing a freedom ritual.

They have a multitude of gang signs including the straight face, the freedom totem and the notorious SG symbol. These however always hold an aura of transience. The greatest example of the continuously changing nature of these greetings is the SG fistbump. There are currently two acceptible fistbumps including the untouching walk-away bump and the rock v paper bump. Both derived from the youtube-famous JimmyTatros.

To become a SG member, the individual has to attend the freedom initiation ritual which is held in one of the founding member's crib. Every one of SG's rituals are somewhat confidential and there is currently no solid eveidence of them ever happening.

These scandalous people believe that they are hardcore but in reality they are just a Study Group.

An ambiguous reference to commentate the general emotions felt after any game or match played online or in real life.

It can stand for Superb Game

or Shit Game.
SG Member 1: SG BROOO!

SG Member 2: Shut-up i'm studying.


Non-SG person: GG guys!

SG member: SG.

Non-SG person: BG BG BG BG BAD GAME!

SG member: SG.
by brodw February 14, 2013
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an awesome guitar that works great as a "special situation" guitar (a guitar used for only certain songs at shows due to it's superiority at a certain type of guitar tone) the sg tends to be a great heavy metal/hard rock guitar
by guitarist1 November 18, 2006
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abbreviated term for sounds good
friend1: hey I’ll be over in 10
friend2: okay sg
by Old Man Williams June 02, 2018
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