TFC = Too Fucking Close
"A person who speaks too close to you as in right up in your face is defined as a TFC."
"Man that guy was speaking TFC!"
"Bloody TFC!"
by T Gadsby March 18, 2010
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Team Fortress Classic is the 1999 update to the popular 1996 mod for Quake. It launched Half-Life's multiplayer features into the stratosphere, complimenting the amazing single-player experience with an equally superb multiplayer one. Some see it as a stop gap until Team Fortress 2, others as a testing ground to try new features which may or may not appear in this long awaited title. Others simply play it for what it is. Either way, it too is a hugely enjoyable mod with a healthy number of supportive servers and the backing of Valve Software.
TFC is a team oriented online game.
by argh July 6, 2003
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TFC stands for "Thanks For Calling." Used sarcastically to indicate to a friend that they excluded one from a social event or gathering.
For example, if a friend on Facebook posts a picture of themselves at the amusement park, one may comment "TFC" to indicate that one would have liked to join. In some cases it is nearly impossible for one to join should the event be out of town or country or sometimes it can make no sense at all because the friend may have even called to invite the person but the person could not make it due to their prior engagements. This is how it brings in some humor and sarcasm.
by misstdawg March 11, 2014
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A common nickname for Toronto FC, a football(soccer) club in MLS.
Did you hear TFC stomped the Impact yesterday?
by dee2 March 21, 2009
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That's Fcking Crazy
I broke up with my girlfirend because all she wanted was sex. TFC
by out of bounds dude March 6, 2010
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Tin Foil Chef is a youtuber who makes Minecraft videos on a server called Hermitcraft.
Guy 1: Do you watch Hermitcraft?
Guy 2: Yes.
Guy 1: Who do you watch?
Guy 2: TFC.
by Slap that ass hard af! May 27, 2020
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