17 definitions by AreSeeCola

1. Bacon

2. Intoxication, inebriation, under the influence

3. Unstraight
Dude: You look about as straight as a pig's tail, you been drinking?
Dude 2: We should call you Squiggles since you're not on the straight and narrow.
Dude 3: Makes perfect sense. Oink oink.
by AreSeeCola April 23, 2015
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Girlfriend: Where were you last night? You said you'd be right back but you were gone for hours!

Boyfriend: I rode with my buddy to Walmart and he is a fucking idiot and locked his keys in the car! And then he wouldn't let me call AAA cause he's too broke to pay the fee...

Buddy: Hey man why you gotta throw off on me like that? Just tell her we went to the strip club.
by AreSeeCola April 23, 2015
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When you take control of a business situation by forcing your way in because it isn't up to par with your company's standards, or you buyout or buy in to a company in order to take control of it, often done by the company's competition in order to either shut it down or forcibly make it an asset or ally.
Person: Why does the sign outside say "under new management"?

Person 2: Hostile takeover, they swooped in and booted the old guys.
by AreSeeCola June 21, 2013
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A stubborn, thickheaded and determined person that doesn't think things through before acting upon them.
Person 1: "You really should think before you speak you bonehead"

Person 2: "I just say what I think I don't need to censor myself"

Person 1: "You just need to realize that it might not come out the way you want it to, you could rule the world if you just took the time to clean up your ideas."

Person 2: "I don't think so I think I do just fine."

Person 1: "Well, at least I try to help but you are such a bonehead you won't accept friendly advice."
by AreSeeCola August 20, 2009
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When a girl is flat as a board and has no booty and is very skinny.
Guy: Fucking her would be like fucking a 2x4. You'd get a splinter.
by AreSeeCola April 23, 2015
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Like a magnet, polar opposites attract.

Differences and opposites pull, attract and draw together while samenesses and similarities push away or repel from each other

So opposite people fit together and identical people don't mesh together, according to the expression.
Guy: You two are nothing alike. I don't know what you see in him.
Girl: Opposites attract.
Guy: If that were true then rich dudes would like gold diggers
Girl: Who said they didn't? Other girls?
by AreSeeCola April 23, 2015
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1. When you don't hold to an oath or promise made and no longer have right to it

2. A social disgrace

3. When you put an in the know on a need to know

4. When you dont keep secrets that aren't yours to share
Girl: I can't believe you told them private things and didnt tell me! That was a total breach of trust. You took an oath to be a secret keeper! Not to keep secrets! As a matter of fact, you are no longer beneficial or trustworthy as far as I'm concerned.

Other girl: It was a mistake and wrong for me to do that to you.

Girl: Yeah, you fucked up big time.
by AreSeeCola April 23, 2015
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