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People who are dreamers who haven't brought their dreams to reality yet like a lit firecracker that didn't go off and people think is a dud
Person: I'mma see what I can get out of these licks
Person 2: You can't milk it for all its worth when they're milkduds. You can't steal a dream.
by AreSeeCola April 23, 2015
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A gamer that is new-ish to a game that spends a large amount of either virtual or real life money on making their virtual character have the best of the best gear and then bragging about it.

Usually somewhat conceited, lazy and selfish...but occasionally worthy of the "elite" aspect of l33t.
Pro (former nubl33t): "random tips inserted here"

Nubl33t: "LOL I'm not gonna waste my time I just pay people to sell me amazing gear and then pay people to level my character because I'm the real pro." (~insert mental picture of cocky "I'm better than you" attitude~)

Pro: "Ok well have fun being naive in snob disguise and don't say I didn't warn you when you realize that its ok to think outside the box and do stuff for yourself.....that is the point of playing the game ya know"
by AreSeeCola August 16, 2009
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A nickname for a person residing in the Southern or Southeastern United States that speaks very fast and frequently.

The nickname originated in Georgia because of the drawl in the dialect there is sometimes hard to understand when you have a someone talking at a fast rate.

Also used to describe rappers that rap quickly such as Twista
Excited fast talker: "omgwtfbbqsauceicantbelieveijustdidthisomgyoushouldabeenthereitwascrazy!!"

Person 2: "Slow down Mouth Of The South I can't understand what you are saying chatterbug"
by AreSeeCola August 19, 2009
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What someone would say at someone treading on someone else's claimed areas, cutting someone off, inhibiting someone's progress, messing up someone else's effort, giving the short end of the stick, flirting with a friends romantic interest, etc
Waitress: hey don't step on my toes, I'm trying to get a promotion. I need to bring my A game today so just stay out of my way. Okay? :)
Waiter 2: No problem, do your thing :)
by AreSeeCola April 23, 2015
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An abbreviated expression for second to stall for time or ask for a moment of someone's time.
"Hold on a sec"

"Give me a sec"

"One sec"

"Wait a sec"

"This'll just take a sec"

"Hey you gotta sec?"

"Not right this sec"

"Can I talk to you for a sec?"
by AreSeeCola June 21, 2013
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When a girl is flat as a board and has no booty and is very skinny.
Guy: Fucking her would be like fucking a 2x4. You'd get a splinter.
by AreSeeCola April 23, 2015
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1. Bacon

2. Intoxication, inebriation, under the influence

3. Unstraight
Dude: You look about as straight as a pig's tail, you been drinking?
Dude 2: We should call you Squiggles since you're not on the straight and narrow.
Dude 3: Makes perfect sense. Oink oink.
by AreSeeCola April 23, 2015
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