When a married woman has such a strong sexual attraction to other males, it's noticeably observed. Typically white wives drawn to African-American males. She can't contain her sexual arousal and makes statements.
I noticed my wife had the squiggles, every time our young mailman come by.
by Cat5 August 21, 2020
Used to describe a female that enjoys participating in fellatious activities.
You see that squiggles over there? She gave me some bomb squigs!
by romedadome December 21, 2011
Noun. A name referring to a special person that cares for you, watches out for you, and loves you.

Verb. Present-progressive form of Squiggles- or Squid-Wiggles
lol you are my Squiggles
-what is that?
look it up on Urban Dictionary
by PimpDaddy LongNutz January 20, 2011
The Most Squiggliest Squiggles that ever Squiggled on the Squiggly planet that is Squigglesland.
To "OWN" ALL others is to be Squiggly. To own KOW PATT and Enduro| moreso.
by Squiggles February 26, 2004
your gay best friend that you don't know if he is actually gay. A common first name given to Squiggles is Jacob.
Your gay best friend may have several nicknames but this by far is the most truthful and gayest.
Wow, i ship Squiggles and Shit Waffle so much!
by EATSH!T January 1, 2018
Term given to left over sand on you're feet after walking barefoot on the beach or other sandy areas.
Yo no squiggles in the car i just cleaned it.
by Biddy27 May 16, 2011
1. Bacon

2. Intoxication, inebriation, under the influence

3. Unstraight
Dude: You look about as straight as a pig's tail, you been drinking?
Dude 2: We should call you Squiggles since you're not on the straight and narrow.
Dude 3: Makes perfect sense. Oink oink.
by AreSeeCola April 23, 2015