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a person male or female who is sex crazed and always horny they can't get enough sex and that includes masterbation also known as a sex addict.
Man 1:Damn my bitch is a sex fiend from hell, she always wants to fuck im getting too tired for this shit.

Man 2: Dude i don't see your problem.

Man 1: Why don't you fuck her then and see how long it takes you to get tired you mother fucker.
by ApacheWarrior November 15, 2009
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A man or a lesbien who leads a woman to believe she's going to recieve oral sex but it never happens. Similar to cock tease.
Girl #1: Dave is such a fuckin clit tease.

Girl #2 Yeah you suck his dick and he doesn't return the favor.
by ApacheWarrior November 15, 2009
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A man or a lesbian who is a master of giving oral pleasure to a woman via the clitoris. Usually the female recieving the oral sex will cum in less than 3 minutes.
"I lick the clit so well they call me the clit master."
by ApacheWarrior November 16, 2009
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a female who likes to ride a dick.
Man #1: Dude i heard you girlfriend was a dick jockey.

Man #2: Yep she was riding my dick all night long.
by ApacheWarrior November 15, 2009
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"Suck my salty balls"
Cartman: Kyle you lost now you have to SMSB.
by ApacheWarrior November 15, 2009
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1. A fine looking red head a little on the thick side with a round juicy ass, also describing a thick light skinned black girl.

2. A horrible type of chewing gum.

3. A huge native american penis.
1. Nice ass!! big red!.

2. Damn! that big red tastes horrible!!!

3. Hung Native American: Hey little pilgrim bitch let me introduce you to big red.

Pilgrim girl: Ahhhh!!!No!!!It's too big!!!
by ApacheWarrior November 15, 2009
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1.Faggot-like version of bigotry, usually acted out by a person whinning like a spoiled rich person that gets their way all the time or a religious extremist who can't stand being told that they are wrong and can't handle opposition.

2. the act of being a complete and ignorant ass hole who has the inability to draw their own conclusion.
sane black man: you hebrew israelites need to stop preaching your faggotry.

hebrew israelite: Stop worshiping the white devil you cracka lover or i'll cry like a little bitch.

spoiled rich white person: white people aren't devils "sniff sniff" it's you black people haven't your heard of the curse of Cain.

hebrew israelite: Cain was turned white you leperous devil im right and your wrong.

sane black man: you guys are idiots, where is the proof of what your saying.

hebrew israelite: I just flip through the Bible twisting Gods words around and making my own interpretations that have spoonfed to be by the Elders.

sane black man: Thats what i thought nothing but faggotry.
by ApacheWarrior November 14, 2009
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