An insult generally used by Men that have no insults left or are transgender
by Blibbyreal July 30, 2017
The female variation of "suck my dick" in an attempt to insult someone by telling them to lick said clit.
Guy #1: Hey, bitch, this dick ain't gonna suck itself!
Girl #1: Lick my clit, you fucking asshole!!!
by Gh0stP0rtal June 15, 2014
The equivalent of I'll suck your dick, but for women.

A woman is the only means of attaining something you desire, so you are willing to go down on her for what you want.

Commonly used by males on female drug dealers or male's seeking to get laid.
by The Lazer Viking February 14, 2008
The act of eating and finger banging at the same time a vagina
Me : Bro my arm is so tired !
Joe : why?
Me: i had a crazy night i did the lick the clit double twister finger bang to my girl!
Joe: i dont understand…
Me : i am not suprise i always know that you are a Noob!
by Callmebby August 23, 2022