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The religion that revolves around the creation of the universe via a peanut, and the prophets Medardo and Kaiser, all given from the viewpoint of an ├╝berlord, Kuklinski. An interesting, yet humerous, tale about the life and crucifixion of Medardo, and Kaiser's numerous fights with the Greco-Roman gods.
0:0 Kaiser
And, on the first day. Kaiser created nothing. On the second day, Kaiser made a peanut butter and mayonaise sandwich. On the third, fourth, and fifth days, Kaiser took a nap. On the sixth day, when he woke up...
by Antman April 01, 2004

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When three men get into a tub and they rub a dub dub on each others nipples. This is a strange variation of the purple nurple and three men in a tub nursery rhyme.
Get everyone together, the hot tub is on. We can have a good ol fashioned Circle Nurple.

Dude, you want to do a Circle Nurple tonight? Not if you are going to be rough again. My nipps hurt for three weeks after the last one!
by AntMan December 15, 2013

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When a man smears poop all over the bottom of his nut sack and then proceeds to use it as a stamp and stamps another person's face. This can be used during sex or at parties to show dominance.
Sally doesn't know it, but she is getting a tainted stamp after school today.

The kids really got into the finger painting mood.....reminds me of back in the day when I used to get tainted stamps.
by AntMan December 14, 2013

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When you stick your thumb up your bum and smear the excrement on someone's forehead before, during, or after sex.
1. My wife is so kinky she made me give her a Rafiki.
2. Shut up John or I'll give you a Rafiki and show you who is boss!
by AntMan April 11, 2016

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The term defines a young black person who has afro like hair.
1. There sure are a lot of Coco Puffs running around the mall.
2. Be careful not to look at the Coco Puff in the eye, he might snap, crackle, pop!
by AntMan April 11, 2016

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When pre-semen comes out of the tip of the penis during stimulation and smears on the inside of the leg near the taint and testicle region. The testicles then adheres to the inside of the leg because of the pre-semen creating a jacket or a bat wing. After this happens the stimulation usually stops giving the victim blue balls and in turn creating a blue jacket.
1. Dude, I can't go to anymore strip clubs because I continually get Blue Jackets!
2. As I stood in front of the swim team during the month of December and saw them all freezing I remembered that Blue Jackets are nothing to mess with
3. Johnny couldn't go to prom due to his date giving him a Blue Jacket in the back seat of the limo.
by AntMan April 11, 2016

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A crappy word for Tornado on water.
.retaw no odanroT rof drow ypparc A
by Antman July 22, 2003

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