Kaiser is a german title indicating "Emperor"
A female equivalent in contrast is named 'Kaiserin' (Empress)
The Holy Roman Emperors (962–1806) proclaimed themselves Kaiser.
by Climb Razor July 2, 2010
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To completely fuck up at an activity or play in a team or solo competition; to let the team down (typically used while playing Clash of Clans mobile app)
Wow, you really kaisered that Attack. That'll probably cost us the war. Way to go, dipshit.
by Turd Biscuits February 9, 2015
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Franz "Kaiser" Beckenbauer.
Greatest fussball-player and coach ever.
Led Germany 1974 and 1990 to the world-championship.
Look dude, there's the Kaiser.
by Fritz Schnackenpfefferhausen November 4, 2005
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1) To be caught masturbating; esp. by your college roommate

2) To masturbate
I thought my roommate was out of town, but he came back in the room and totally kaisered me.

I am going to kaiser until I can’t walk!
by Duke of New Orleans March 15, 2006
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Kaiser is an amazing guy! hes sweet sensitive and has an awesome sense of humor. He is very atractive and is deffinatly the guy you can count on. Kaiser is great boyfriend material and is very understanding and treats a girl like royalty! hes outgoing most of the time and easy to talk to but has a shy side that few people know about. he likes all kinds of girls, from blondes to brunets and even gingers! if you date him consider yourself super lucky! there arnt many guys out there like him!
Kaiser is so sweet!
by alkjwoeirbnjkadv August 1, 2010
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The ruler of Germany. The line ended when Kaiser Willhelm fled to the Netherlands, thus ending the first world war.
The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist - regarding Kaiser Sozé
by Gumba Gumba April 10, 2004
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A slang term for people who are arrogant, full of themselves, and real faggety. Fag bags!
"Dude, that guy is such a kaiser!"
"You are totally kaising out man!"
"You are such a kais!"
"Sorry for getting all kaiser on you"
by rotohomo March 18, 2009
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