An anti-conformist is a pseudo-individual who thinks being "non-mainstream" or part of a "sub-culture" is automatically an individual.

Examples include some (but not all) members of many "social outcast" subcultures such as emos, goths, juggalos, bronies, btards, geeks, new atheists, metalheads, stoners, hipsters, Ron Paul fans, SJWs, even Scientologists.

Ironically anti-conformists are more conformist than the majority of "normal people", and are just as bigoted as the stereotypically "cool" or "popular" cliques such as jocks, preps, cheerleaders, sorority girls, etc.

Try arguing that the Phantom Menace is better than the original Star Wars at a Sci-Fi convention, and you may be treated like a heretic in medieval Europe. Try telling a metalhead that you enjoy a few Lady Gaga songs and you'll get a similar result. Or ask a hipster to try watching any movie which isn't "foreign, indie, arthouse", etc and he'll tell you it's crap without even watching it.

Some subcultures started out as something original, but nowadays are often a manufactured image people adopt for negative attention - like the jock who buys his clothes at Abercrombie and Fitch, a metalhead will buy his tattered jeans and black T-shirts at Hot Topic yet still claim to be non-conformist.

In short they're essentially to normalcy what the Punisher (an anti-hero) is to Superman (a hero) - but an anti-hero is still a protagonist no matter how much it denies it.
South Park showed a perfect example of anti-conformist mindset. While the "goth kids" prided themselves on being non-conformist, in reality they generalized and excluded anyone who didn't dress exactly the same as them or listen to the same music as them, proving themselves to be some of the biggest conformists around.

A true individual on the other hand has a wide variety of interests - he may enjoy both heavy metal and pop music at the same time, or might enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons while still enjoying sports - the difference is that he chooses his interests out of genuine interest rather than just trying to affect a certain image, and is typically a lot more tolerant toward people with different tastes rather than expecting everyone to be a carbon copy of himself.
by Anon989989 November 2, 2015
Those kids who hate everything that is popular and make themselves like things that everyone else hates in the hope that it will make them stand out and be "original" or "unique." The kind of person who instead of jumping off a cliff if someone else did, would jump off a cliff if everyone else said it was a terrible idea.

Not to be confused to with nonconformists, who choose their own tastes uninfluenced by others.
Joe: "Hey Mary, have you heard the new Katy Perry song on the radio yet?"

Kara: Oh my GOD that song sucks! Who honestly listens to that crap?"

Joe: I know, I hate it.

*Kara walks away*

Mary: She's never even heard the song before. She just hates it because it's popular.

Joe: Wow, what an anti-conformist.
by Holcjohn June 28, 2009
people whom do not do things because of the media or poplurety and don't whant to be described as one steryotype for they every one is differnt and they do not feel they whant to be compared to the rest of the sociaty some times thes gets confused with genras sutch as punk, emo, and goth but some anticonformist belive them to be in this genras at ther true meanings

punk = different

emo = this is not a person but a genra of music so shut up it is Emotional Harcore

goth = thos whom find love in death
I Belive in my self and my heart tells me what to do not you for i am a true Anti-Conformist.
by evan pozder December 28, 2009
Someone who, in their attempt to be an anti-conformist, is in reality conforming to a general subculture. These individuals usually view themselves as higher-ranking in culture, taste, and style; they pride themselves on liking obscure media. In addition, they are touchy when they are confronted with this reality.
(Similar to the Hipster movement, the exception in that case is that the Hipster is aware of their conforming to that subculture).
"He/She likes Bright Eyes, what an anti-conformist conformer."
by New York Girls November 19, 2008