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A person, usually an American, who gets all their information from mainstream media such as Fox News or CNN, or other corporate-sponsored media. This often leads to a case of Dunning-Krueger effect, since mediaheads view themselves as highly intelligent and informed simply because they think they keep up with current events around the world, but in reality they usually lack any real depth of knowledge, believe that anything they didn't hear on Bill O'Reilly or The Daily Show is false, and are viewed as silly by most of the rest of the world.
A mediahead probably still thinks that George Bush found WMDs in Iraq and that 9/11 only happened because Muslims hate us for our freedom, or that Donald Trump, who's best known as a game show host, is secretly an evil fascist genius who's leading a vast alt-right white supremacist conspiracy to re-instate Jim Crow.
by Anon989989 February 04, 2017
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Someone who doesn't think, they absorb and believe everything the media wants them to believe. They are under the control of the government. Things they never thought about, suddenly they care about it.
The mediaheads are for sending our troops overseas to kill people that never did nothing to us.

Damn mediaheads are out protesting against and for statues, while our children are being killed in war and prices are rising.

Mediaheads are lablebuyers. They buy whatever someone famous tells them is fashionable.

Mediaheads are always donating to rich folks charities, while the rich folks keep getting richer and the mediaheads money don't come back to their pockets
by Rrezza September 13, 2017
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