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Best friend that you could ever have. Can be very annoying and retarted sometimes but other times he can be the sweetest guy in the world, he loves memes and is the funniest person ever!

If you acctually meet a Justin u are the luckiest person on earth, he has been through tough times but can always fight the urge and keep up with his life, he battles with his fears and always wins. He's amazing at maths and he loves school. He has an amazing personality and first he will be shy but if you get him to trust you he will be the sweetest. He loves playing video games on any device, usually plays on a console. He is an amazing person with an incredible personality. So if you ever go by a Justin you are so lucky.
1. Hey Justin, wassup?
2.Oh hey, I'm grand, just playing some video games, what you up to Mike
1.Ah nothing..... Just found out a girl likes you a lot

2.WHAT? no one likes me though
1. I swear she told me
by Annomynous88 November 17, 2018

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Oliwia is a person who you can trust , Oliwias are really pretty , Oliwia is a person who is really awkward and weird at some times but at other times she's caring and acting a bit like a mom heh

Oliwia is a PEACE person , which means she wants peace in the world . Shes always trying to make people smile and laugh :) , she a positive person and even though her life has a lot of problems she's always trying to keep them invisible , Oliwia's are great people that you really should be friends with ! <3
Oliwia: hey, how are you ??
1:im fine

Oliwia : *makes funny face*
1: *laughs*
by Annomynous88 June 21, 2018

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A really good and nice person was born on this day and I am so thankful for them, they will do loads to make the world a better place:)
1.September 3rd is the day they were born
2.OMG really but that day is usually unlucky
1.I know but they are amazing
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by Annomynous88 November 01, 2019

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When a girl feels a tingly feeling in her vagina when being with a (sometimes) good lookin ladd
(good looking guy walks past)
Karen: ughh Clare did ye see him 😌, fanny flutters off him
Clare:omg yeah
by Annomynous88 October 15, 2019

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No it is not Christmas,

DO NOT post happy xmas on your Snapchat story's, Christmas will be on in another month so chill
Person 1. scrolling through Snapchat stories on November 1st.

Still Person 1. looking at people put up Xmas movies and songs saying happy Xmas.

Person 2. shaking my head, no its not Christmas it's in like a month Karen!
by Annomynous88 November 01, 2019

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