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Beautiful beyond belief. you will fall for her In an instant. Sexy,smart,intelligent,funny. Weird above all. Won't take crap from just anyone .screw her over once and you're done. She's shy at first ,but she'll warm up.loves to make everyone laugh even if it means an injury needs to occur.she never takes anyone for granted and acknowledges her existence as a blessing.the most amazing person you will ever meet.she loves to flirt and her blond hair seems to do the trick and her beautiful eyes will mesmerize you.she is known for her sense of humor.pretty much the definition of perfect.
Guy 1 ; I saw this super hot girl today at -
Guy 2 ; her name was probably Oliwia
by Blank.938902 December 30, 2012
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Best person you will ever meet!, honestly the sweetest. Shes a very open person but make fun of her or slag her and you will end up on her hit list, she's usually really sensitive and caring.Loves hanging around her friends and family and loves attention.If anyone ever meets an Oliwia they will be the luckiest person in the world and they won't regret meeting her and if anyone ever meets an Oliwia don't let her go because she will honestly be the best part of your life, she isint only beatiful but is also smart, kind, very lively, trustworthy, realest person ever, she has the prettiest smile, funny and cute. If an Oliwia likes you she will be a sweetheart to you. Oliwia's hate reading and going to certain classes in school. If you ever come across an Oliwia remember you are the luckiest person in the universe!
1.Hey, who's your new friend?
2.Oh, thats Oliwia, she is my new friend she's so nice and I think I can trust her.
1. Let me meet her, she sounds awesome!
by Auto corrector 1 October 21, 2018
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Oliwia is a person who you can trust , Oliwias are really pretty , Oliwia is a person who is really awkward and weird at some times but at other times she's caring and acting a bit like a mom heh

Oliwia is a PEACE person , which means she wants peace in the world . Shes always trying to make people smile and laugh :) , she a positive person and even though her life has a lot of problems she's always trying to keep them invisible , Oliwia's are great people that you really should be friends with ! <3
Oliwia: hey, how are you ??
1:im fine

Oliwia : *makes funny face*
1: *laughs*
by Annomynous88 June 21, 2018
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