145 definition by Angelacia

Normally when referring to LA but can be used to refer to any of the western states in America.
west side is the best side bitch!
by Angelacia June 15, 2007

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When someone is telling one of those really long 'isn't it so weird when' stories, and no one can identify, and they go to one person in the group desperately and say, "You get it, right?'
Molly: Yeah, like, it's so weird when you're in the hot tub and you're looking up at the stars and you think, 'Hey, I could die right now, my grandma could be dead right now and I wouldn't even know.'

Everyone: ?

Molly: (grabs someone's arm) You get it, right? Like, it's the weirdest feeling...you get it, right?
by Angelacia June 20, 2007

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No matter how old this kid is, they are always in their Terrible Two's when you have to babysit them.
Oh, you'll have to bear with Melanie - she's in her Terrible Two's.
by Angelacia May 22, 2007

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Another way of saying something is very tacky.
That dress Candela's got on? Totally tacksville.
by Angelacia May 20, 2007

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something that is not happening
fuck it this scene is dead!
by Angelacia January 30, 2008

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a mean but funny little game to play with someone.
Girl A: Let me tell you the meaning of life.
Girl B: ?
Girl A: you're going out with Sean Allen aren't you?
Girl B: Yeah...
Girl A: Not anymore. I fucked him during second period.
Girl B: wtf you bitch thats so mean!
Girl A: That's life!
by Angelacia September 30, 2007

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How 'special' people pronounce the word 'special'.
Mrs SMith: Maggie's very...special.

Maggie: thpetho! thpetho!!

by Angelacia June 12, 2007

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