91 definition by Angel

Somewhat who thinks they are very popular and wide known. The shit...
I'm Mike Jones Biittch
by angel March 21, 2005

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To run sexual tings
"dat gurl wanna run flexxes wit me"
"u wanna flex"
by Angel February 21, 2003

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a girl who thinks she is da shit,but ain't
Lashonda u need to stop trippin' u ain't da shit
by Angel December 06, 2003

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anxious, excited
You are real horny over those new shoes!
by Angel December 30, 2002

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Human beings.
A male (one of the two sexes)
(slang) An exclemation when things go wrong, or one is amazed.
(slang) A way of refering to almost anyone (geordie).
The specis of man.
There's a man.
Man, this sucks! or Man!
Whatcha doing, man.
by Angel February 24, 2005

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A country where the cruel, barbarous and inhuman bullfighting is prcticed.
Spain must stop torturing the Bulls.
by angel April 15, 2005

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The sound of frictionless acceleration.
By adding more "e"'s you are stateing that the object is accelerateing longer than normal*.
By changing the "e"'s to capitals you are stateing that the object is allelerating faster than normal*.

*Normal is stated by the average acceleration and length the person says the word at.
"WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Wow that emu ride was incredible!!!!"
by Angel August 08, 2003

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