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Suffix added to the end of sentences uttered by a frog/human-frog in Japanese culture. (mostly anime)

Also see nya.
"Nope. Just us frogs-kero."
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Term for fucking an animal, more specifically a pet.

Comes from the infamous Furry YouTuber KeroTheWolf who got exposed for raping his dog to death then fucking the dog's dead corpse
I read such a disturbing article today man, this guy in Florida Kero'd his dog to death, makes me sick
by Fprod December 11, 2018
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A character from Cardcaptor Sakura.
A small teddy bear-like creature with angel wings, a form of Keroberos (somtimes Cerberus), a creatue something like a lion without a mane, armour, a ruby in its forehead and angel wings, of the sun, opposition to know what, just go watch Cardcaptors.
Kero-chan! Come here, Kero!!!
by Angel February 24, 2005
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a parental person who would look cool with an afro
Person1:your such a Kero!
Person2:I would cool with fluffy hair?
Person1:NO! your a parent
by eskimoeskimo June 21, 2008
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a pathetic stupid yellow thing that girls like, apears in rubbish anime somewhere
kero is stupid and has no reason for existing
by it aint May 05, 2005
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Is a band that originally started out as The Schott Falconbery Project. They have many songs and 3 members. They also have many videos of live garage performances.
Guy 1 "Hey, did you hear that band KERO on Myspace?"

Guy 2 "My bud told me about em' but I haven't had the chance to check them out!"

Guy 1 "What are you waiting for? here's the link!!"
by KERO_FAN August 23, 2009
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