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Mexicans who talk like gangstas and dress like they were born from Da Hood.Mostly seen in cheap trailor parks and apartment projects and also marry fat white women just to stay in the USA.
Will:Hey Jon did you see that truck full of Spiggers heading to the tobacco field today?

Jon:Yeah they look like black gangstas when we seen them pulling out from the apts. the other day.

Will:Damn Spiggers need to act their own self and try not to be someone their not!

Jon:You damn straight!
by willie75 August 29, 2009
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A pathetic, lowlife, thieving spic (mexican) who acts like or thinks he is a nigger. Can be easily identified by cheap gold chains, baseball caps being worn incorrectly (backwards, sideways, upside down ...), vehicles painted horrendous colors that have at least 20 inch chrome rims and emanate blaring rap music that can typically be heard several blocks away. Oblivious to the fact that the music offends 98% of the population and that they are considered a joke. Most commonly found in states that are in close proximity to the US / Mexico border and allowed safe-haven in large cities such as Houston, Texas. WARNING: SPIGGERS ARE HIGHLY OFFENSIVE AND SHOULD BE AVOIDED WHENEVER POSSIBLE !!!
**Scene in a Grocery Store Parking Lot**

Lady 1: I think it may rain soon, I hear thunder.
(Short Pause)
Lady 2: No, that's just the spigger over at the traffic light.
Lady 1: You mean the one in the metallic puke green car with the giant chrome rims?
Lady 2: Yep, that's the one.
by foxy7 February 18, 2008
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Cheap spanish people who think they are cooler than everyone else. wanna be blacks, and also cheap assholes.
HAHah hey he ryan look at that spigger over there he has a big 25cent chain and he has a really short haircut so his parents don't have to pay for another haircut soon! CHEAP BASTERDS
by miamiheatonfire3 May 12, 2006
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A delightfully racist term describing the genetic hybrid offspring as a result of one black/African descent parent still commonly referred to as a nigger and one parent of Mexican descent, Spanish descent, or another Spanish speaking country descent, also commonly referred to as a spic. The term is used so as to shorten the time it takes to offend the spigger at hand and marries up the first two consonants and vowel of the word "spic" and the second syllable of the word "nigger". Genetic physical results vary from offspring to offspring with some resembling more characteristics of an African individual, while others will resemble more of a Mexican/Spanish individual causing visual confusion of looking one way but actually being that way and another way. There are also those spiggers, who look equally like both genetic chromosomal donors thus clearing up any initial visual confusion.
BJ has always taken pride in the fact that he has never had any sort of sexual romp with a black woman, AKA nigger, but on many instances has been drawn to the darken skin, hair, and the more exotic look of a Mexican/Spanish female, AKA spic. With the unfortunate hybrid breeding that is now taking place these days, the time may come when BJ will be fooled into thinking he's tossing it into the pooper of ONLY a spic, when in fact, he is fucking a spigger.
by Butters/Trace January 15, 2007
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A pejorative term for an island kid ("Puerto Rican" person) who mimicks language, dress and mannerisms of black ghetto kids.
These spiggers are mouthin' off like they know what it's like in da 'ood.
by Beef Brady January 16, 2003
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A person of hispanic background who tries to emulate the mannerisms of ghett Black people. Such said mannerisms can be that of imitation of language, baggy clothing, and the "pimping" of their cars. Most prevalent among these mannerisms is the use of the word "nigga" in order to refer to one another although they are most obviously not black. Although trying to become a ghetto black person, they most heatedly defend what they believe to be their own culture, one that has become unrecognizable due to the amalgamation of black and spanish urban culture.
Lean Back lyrics by Fat Joe(a spigger):
I don't give a fuck 'bout your fault or mishappenin's,
Nigga we from the Bronx, New York... shit happens,
Kids clappin' love to spark the place,
Half the niggas on the squad got a scar on they face,
It's a cold world, and this is ice,
Half a mil' for the charm, nigga this is life.
by Luis Elric November 02, 2005
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