5 definitions by Andy Sor

A Teenager Who Is heartless/Doesn't Care/Doesnt Interact With Little Children Aged 3-12
Jesus Fucking Christ Andrew Is such a heartless bastard he refused to play with five-year-old Jackie when she came over the house
by Andy Sor September 16, 2017
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A Person In A Neighborhood Or Apartment Building Who Freaks Out Over Any Peep Either A Mailman Walking Up To The Next Doors Neighbors Door Or Someone Unknown Ringing The Doorbell On Either Their Door Or The One Next Door
Andrew Don’t Mind Renee In Apartment 2E The Resident Sheriff Of The 2nd Floor
by Andy Sor November 29, 2020
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An Unmotivated and depressed teenager who's been spoiled since the early teen years and has been able to do whatever they want
Andrew has been an entitled brat ever since he was 13
by Andy Sor November 24, 2017
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