When you go to a house and ring the doorbell of a friend. Before your friend answers the door, you take off your pants and underwear to expose your genitals and then do a headstand or handstand (legs apart) so that your exposed genitals are as close to the victim's eye level as possible. Finally when your friend answers the door you must ask "Did you order a package?"
Lenny: "Hey, did you order a package?".

Steve: "Ah Jesus Christ, I didn't see that mailman coming. I need to call my therapist".
by Lorethe2nd September 16, 2015
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Awsome guy that delivers drugs right to your house for no extra charge.
"he's a drug dealer and he don't even know it"
-R.I.P Mitch Hedberg
by poochoo April 14, 2005
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A dating tactic where you show up at the house of your interest unannounced. The opposite of "ghosting". First appeared in Season One episode six of Single Parents.
"Dude, just mailman her".
by Danryan November 14, 2018
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verb. To steer the car from the passenger seat, usually while both the drivers hands and attention are to be occupied. (usually lighting a fatty or bowl.

It's allways propper to thank your passenger for doing his duty.
(passenger then leans over and takes the wheel with one hand)
*lighter clicks* Puff puff pass.
Driver:Thanks Bro.
by bradwerd June 4, 2006
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Mailman is in reference to a penis. It's carrying two sacks of "mail".
My mailman is large.

My mailman is about to come deliver you something special.

You want some of my mailman?
by 4x4mudslinger@yahoo.com September 28, 2017
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When a lover mails there sperm or juices in the mail to another person.
My girlfriend is awesome and mailmans me all the time.
by Caption cool April 19, 2009
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When a cunt ass bitch leans over while driving and gives the passenger road head while he/she grabs the wheel and drives like The Mailman.
"Hey man one day this cunt ass bitch wouldn't stop talking while driving so I pulled The Mailman on her."
by BLUE1DEVILS January 7, 2018
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