1) Cheating on one's significant other.
2) On top of a creepy person.
Don suspected his wife was on the creep with that crazy old bum that lived under the bridge. His suspicions were proven correct when he came home early from work one day to find the hobo's shopping cart parked outside and his wife in bed on the creep.
by Nick D July 13, 2004
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The one driver in line at a red light who feels the need to creep forward 6", causing everyone behind him- and many in the lane beside- to also creep forward 6". They are known then as "creep sheep".
I hate these creep creeps at every stop light. How much gasoline do they waste?
by ksmanning May 16, 2010
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A man or woman who breaks social rules in an odd or obsessive way. Usually undesirable, clearly obsessed and somewhat pathetic.
"this creep keeps staring at me, and he drove past my house last night"
by Lalacupcakelala October 11, 2011
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A word used, usually as an insult, on someone who's personality or overall behaviour is strange or weird.
Guy 1: That guy John is a damn creep...
Guy 2: I know, he acts like a child and he's nearly 23...
by fslfjsdklgjklgjioujdddamncreep November 3, 2010
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A young, studly man with a particularly good butt (from excessive stair training). A particularly common jargon among young, female Dunkin Donuts employees.
I thought that creep was going to stay there for an hour.... *sigh of longing*
by TheAuthorityOnEverything March 18, 2018
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