When a dude realizes that the hot chick they are hitting on or picked up is a lady boy and packing a little extra ammo down there.
Roger soon realized that the babe he picked up and took home lured home into a dragnet.
by Eaton Holgoode April 17, 2017
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dumb, stupid, bad in general
Derived from the theme song of the Dragnet TV show (Dum de dum dum)
Fred Durst is a total tool. He's totally dragnet.

Lil John's shit is so dragnet.The only reason he's popular is because of Dave Chappelle.
by aielman49 February 13, 2005
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The best way to catch a Queen.
The police had a dragnet at Andy Dick's House last night. (Also see hornet)
by aereilly July 31, 2003
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An early-20th-centry undercover government agent who posed as a crime-boss in order to obtain enough evidence to make widespread arrests of underworld characters.
To this day it is unclear who murdered Bugsy Siegel, but it is rumored that Jack Dragnet might have had something to do with it, possibly in the course of one of his infamous raids or sting-operations.
by QuacksO November 08, 2019
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The appearance one adopts earlier in the morning. Usually shortly after waking up.
by Gemma Dilemma November 10, 2016
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