3 definitions by AnalThief

A guy who knows all the pokemons and all the rasist slurs
Ivar also has a feet pic collection in a secrep photo app on his phone
Ivar always smells so bad after farting in his sleep
by AnalThief May 8, 2021
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Viggo is a guy who loves karins lasagne in fact he got a stash of stolen karins lasagne in his white storage box besides his bed.

Viggo has friscy karins smootch teeth he can also name every famous underage model.
Viggo is well known in mexico because of what happened in 2017....
by AnalThief May 8, 2021
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Wonky schlonky is a act of kindness after being put in a complicated situation
This guy fucked my ass without my permission so i gave him a Wonky schlonky
by AnalThief May 8, 2021
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