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Alot of money. Referring to a "pretty penny"(Guapo/guapa handsome/pretty in spanish)
"shorty see tha drop ask me what I paid and I say yeah
I paid a guap and then I hit da switch that take away the top"~Mims(Why im hot)
by Amina March 22, 2007

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1. a region in Toronto, Ontario Canada along Lawrence Ave. West which has a vast amount of somalian people
1. Somalian #1 "There's a jam goin down tonite!"
Somalian #2 "Where?"
Somalian #1 "Jungle City of course!"
by amina June 12, 2006

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1. To describe the unwritten law of friends (hoes) before guys (bros)(most of the time, the ones that get between you)
2.a phrase to describe a relationship with your friends instead of the asshole or playa that got between you
Peyton-"so we wont let him get between us?"
Brooke-"no worries, hoes over bros"

"Man, i cant believe we fought over him...from now on its hoes over bros"
by Amina March 05, 2006

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Nasty shit white people eat for dinner.
"Well Jimmy looks like were gonna have Mom's green bean casserole again!"
by Amina June 14, 2006

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1. delicious
2. absoulutly scrumous!
me :omg that was snackaroodle!
by Amina June 19, 2006

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1. A cute girl or female
2. Your boo
"Only thing that keep me up when im feelin' down I dont know 'bout you but I keep mine around cuz I done look I done search and its hard to find anotha shorty like miiiiine..." Bow Wow and Chris Brown
by Amina November 28, 2006

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