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A rich white person riding in the backseat of the car, or more commonly, any bossy white person.
"Yessum Miss Daisy, I drive you to the sto'."

Under breath: "Backseat cracker."
by AmbroseKalifornia March 14, 2008
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Children. Single folks, you know what I'm talking about.
No, no, you're really sweet, but I didn't know you had six kids. That's a total dealbreaker. Sorry.
by AmbroseKalifornia March 14, 2008
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Children. Single people, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Oh, god no. I wouldn't date her. Mary has kids. That's a total deal breaker.
by AmbroseKalifornia January 8, 2007
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Feeling sad, abandoned and alone.
I'm so alonely...
by AmbroseKalifornia October 19, 2008
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Double-barreled shotgun crossbow used by Willem Dafoe's character in the 2010 vampire horror film Daybreakers. The single greatest vampire-slaying weapon this side of the sun.
Okay Ash, you've got the chainsaw. Buffy, you get Mr. Pointy. I get the SHOTGUN CROSSBOW.
by AmbroseKalifornia January 9, 2010
Bereft of his ability to fly and with nowhere to go, a courageous bat climbed aboard our Discovery with stars in his weak little eyes. The launch commenced, and Spacebat trembled as his frail mammalian body was gently pushed skyward. For the last time, he felt the primal joy of flight; for the first, the indescribable feeling of ascending toward his dream—a place far away from piercing screeches and crowded caves, stretching forever into fathomless blackness.

Whether he was consumed in the exhaust flames or frozen solid in the stratosphere is of no concern. We know that Spacebat died, but his dream will live on in all of us.
"On a cool spring eve March 15th, 2009 a bat, crippled and wistful, clung to the Space Shuttle Discovery as it was thrust toward the great beyond. Goodbye and godspeed, my magnificent Spacebat."

by AmbroseKalifornia March 19, 2009
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