That one amazing boyfriend that everyone wishes they could have. His girlfriend is very lucky to have him, she wouldn't trade him for the world. He is also very sexy, tall, kind, funny, and an all around great person to be around. Trust me.
"Wow i wish i could be a Quinton"
by its._.risa November 17, 2016
Quinton is a very handsome guy who has been through tough times. He is very kind and gentle. He tends to get along with anyone that doesn't annoy him to the point he gets angry. He is really calm and will be successful in life. He is also a really good boyfriend to have.
Quinton is such an amazing person to hang out with.
by Quinnto bean September 11, 2019
Quinton may look very tough on the outside, making jokes, fighting, claims he is sexy, and “gets hoes”. But really deep inside Quinton is a very nice guy that will sit and listen to you problems. He treats everyone with respect even if sometimes it feels like he doesn't, I promise he does. He has gone through some messed up stuff, but he doesn’t let it effect the way he treats his homies.
by Yeeyeyeeyeyeye May 8, 2020
That super hot, sexy, brilliant guy at the office that you've had your eye on for months and don't know how to approach.
Oh my God! There's Quinton again. Oh what I wouldn't like to do with him, for him. If only he would notice me. He is so hot in that brilliant nerdy way. I desperately want to have sex with him. I wish I knew how to approach him.
by Q fan January 12, 2010
The most amazing boyfriend anyone could ever hope to have. He's sweet, and handsome, and he means the world to me.
by romanticallydisturbed October 6, 2011
That goodlooking handsome gorgeous guy that all the hot ladies love

#chick magnet
And has 20 times the amount of money you have
Quinton is hot
by straight A May 7, 2016
The most amazing human being in the world the loves dogs and baseball, football, and hockey
Wow I wish I was Quinton
by Light March 4, 2016