104 definition by Ali

A loose gathering of geeks, nerds and gamers from across the globe, brought together through their passion for muffins, mad skills and the fleeting hope that Ali will one day finish his comic strip.
Where the Ebolters went, they left naught but devastation. All they saw, they consumed.

One of them even ate my cat.
by Ali February 24, 2004

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Extremely cheap and potent cider drank by scunners outside establishments such as Spar. Has a definite pronunciation.
Scunner: "We were 'avin a total mad mission of it, drinking White Lightning outside Spar"
by ali April 28, 2004

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Making a round of drug deals.
Hey man, I'll brb, I gotta hit up some stangs
by Ali February 24, 2005

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1. When someone sucks on a guy's penis.
2. Something that is bad or horrible.

See also sucks dick.
1. Mercedes sucked Micheal's cock last night.
2. This band sucks cock.
by Ali March 17, 2004

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A term for anal sex without lubrication. The term is commonly used to express a painful experience - such as a scalding telling off from your boss.
I had better finish this work to a high standard or I will get dry bummed
by Ali October 24, 2004

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Adjective. A feeling or appearance of fatness or bloatedness, ugliness, tiredness, stressfulness, and frustration. Being in a state of grossness which prohibits one from excelling in their daily activities and being productive. One who is buckus is usually dressed in dirty or scrubby clothes, with messy hair, oily skin, and has a unsettling odor.
After getting trashed last night, I woke up looking like ass and had an overwhelming feeling of helplessness, as I shoveled enormous amounts of fast food into my mouth, my sister said to me, " God you are pretty buckus."
by Ali October 11, 2004

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Use of marijuana during the holiday season.
on the fourth day hunakah we got some marijuanica!
by ali December 31, 2004

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