104 definition by Ali

a really gude movie staring Keanu Reaves
What a The Replacements that movie was, or, That movie was no The replacements by any means
by Ali July 16, 2003

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an ingredient which is found in other drugs. most cannibus based drugs are called "stepping stones," because people who take cannibus based drugs want to have the same high they had the first time they tried it so they go on to stronger drugs
cannibus is found in marijuana
by ali February 08, 2003

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22 inch automotive wheels.
Check out dat Monte Carlo riddin dueces.
by Ali June 16, 2006

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ali n jessies word :)
hmph, i dnt no wat ur meant 2 write here
by ali August 18, 2004

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Used to describe going out for a few drinks with the lads
you coming out on the raz later ?
by Ali December 10, 2003

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Rudes wear designer gear and listen to garage/RnB/'hip hop' and they often hang around in big gangs and make up they're own language which no one can understand. Words/phrases in their vocab include: raggin' it, flossin', mingin', rank, nang, mingin' and many others including my personal favourite 'innit' which is usually thrown inbetween two random words.
In their gangs, a rudes main aim is to cause terror and abuse passers by even if they havent done anything. They often prey on greebos and beat the hell out of them just for being different.
Rude: Innit, I is blatently raggin' it man. Rah ma homie, dis is ma crew. What is you jibbzing bout?
Greebo: You are a total silly twat.
by Ali August 21, 2004

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