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an expansive purse smothered in lv's. the price is jacked up so the makers can earn 1000000000000000000% profit. many fakes exists.
-can you believe that queer convinced his mom to buy him a lv watch? its real too! he's only 12 for gawd's sake!

-ugh, those 6th grade teenyboppers are showing off their fake lv's to the 5th graders. how dumb
by Alexa January 18, 2005
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Interjection, usually followed by an "unbelievable" event
Drunk brother: Man alive, did I have to shit!

Me: Congratulations. Now die.
by Alexa January 16, 2005
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Used when referring to the couple Spike and Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Spuffy scenes are the best.
by Alexa October 12, 2004
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Bazigga is a word that is sometimes used to replace the word masturbation or jacking off. The word "Bazigga" Is used in the movie Meet the Fockers.
"I saw you doing a little "Bazigga" to her passport photo.
by Alexa January 01, 2005
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a move in basketball where a player bounces the ball off a rather short kid(prefferably with the last name Riley)'s head then dribbles it under his legs while he's trying to figure out what happened.
I pulled an off-the-riley on Riley and got a buck from my teacher.
by Alexa February 05, 2004
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A cross between the name Alexa and Erin
I had a baby and wanted to name it after two different people. So I just called her Erexa.
by Alexa April 11, 2005
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An action that one does when one is excited. Put your fingers to the sides of your nose and wiggle them while saying "YAY!"
If you receive a good grade on a test, you would perform "skwinkles" to express your excitement.
by Alexa April 19, 2004
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