21 definitions by Alexa

a move in basketball where a player bounces the ball off a rather short kid(prefferably with the last name Riley)'s head then dribbles it under his legs while he's trying to figure out what happened.
I pulled an off-the-riley on Riley and got a buck from my teacher.
by Alexa February 5, 2004
its another word to short hand the expression,"do you want me to"
Hey Lexi, ya'ont me to call ya tonight?
by Alexa March 19, 2005
an expansive purse smothered in lv's. the price is jacked up so the makers can earn 1000000000000000000% profit. many fakes exists.
-can you believe that queer convinced his mom to buy him a lv watch? its real too! he's only 12 for gawd's sake!

-ugh, those 6th grade teenyboppers are showing off their fake lv's to the 5th graders. how dumb
by Alexa January 18, 2005
Dirrty james sullivan came up with it trying to be cool. it means the same thing as dirrty, a.k.a slutty
look at that hoe shes so derrty
by Alexa October 1, 2004
One who is not heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. This person is what they call fun, and will try anything once.
"When I was with her, she tried everything at least once. She told me she was uni."
by Alexa December 9, 2004
Interjection, usually followed by an "unbelievable" event
Drunk brother: Man alive, did I have to shit!

Me: Congratulations. Now die.
by Alexa January 16, 2005