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The quintessential bad ass. Serves as the sole body guard of the Venture Family.

He went to college with Dr. Thaddius Venture and after nearly killing him in a drunken rage leaves the next day to join the military.

Constantly smokes cigarettes, washes his american muscle car, and maintains the highest level of physical conditioning.

Bangs out all the bitches, kills anyone in his path efficiently, and clean.

Serves as a mentor for Hank Venture (the blonde brother who looks like the Freddy from scooby doo) and most importantly has a license to kill.
Brock Samson will fucking destroy Jack Bauer, Chuck Norris, and whoever else you want to throw at him using only his ass if he has to.
by Brock Samson Fan May 18, 2009
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The cigarette-smoking, muscle-bound, mullet-headed bodygaurd of the Venture Family, known for extreme acts of violence
Brock Samson just killed 88 people with his pinky finger!
by Alex Rogers March 23, 2005
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