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Theatrical expression - to move equipment and scenery into a theatre. Bump out is the opposite process. Also used in relation to the set up and knock down of stands at exhibitions and tradeshows.
Bump in is on Saturday so you are required at the theatre from 10 am to whenever.
by Alberto Rosso April 28, 2009
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Endless repetition of three word slogans by Tony Abbott, Australian Prime Minister.
"he summarised his programme as ‘stop the refugee boats, end big new taxes, stop waste, pay off debt’" - Daniel Hannan, The Daily Telegraph (London) 26 Feb 2012

"An Abbottology - Axe the Tax, End the Waste, Stop the Boats... Axe the Tax, End the Waste, Stop the Boats..." - cartoon by Matt Golding, The Age (Melbourne) 6 Jun 2014
by Alberto Rosso June 05, 2014
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The literal meaning of this Irish term is "Guardians of the Chicks" (or "chickens") and is used in Ireland to refer to the national police force Garda Síochána na hÉireann or the "Guardians of the Peace of Ireland". The term is somewhat pejorative and is used disparagingly if jokingly.
When we had the bomb scare the Garda Sicíní was everywhere standing around uselessly talking about Sunday's match at Croke Park.
by Alberto Rosso June 09, 2009
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A glimmer man (sometimes rendered as "glimmerman") was a name unofficially, but universally, applied to inspectors who were employed by coal gas manufacturers in Ireland to detect the use of gas in breach of rationing restrictioons during the Emergency (ie. WW2) from March 1942 and in some places as late as 1947.

The term is now used as a metaphor for bureaucratic intrusion into privacy.
"Rattled by the glimmer man, the boogie man, the holy man" - lyric from "Faithful Departed" by Phil Chevron.

"Gas could be used only on certain hours of the day and hence the arrival of the Glimmer man."
by Alberto Rosso June 09, 2009
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Dialogue from the film "Goal!":

Geordie: "Welcome to the Toon."

Visitor: "What's the 'Toon'?"

Geordie: "It's where the Geordies live."

Visitor: "What's a 'Geordie'?"

Geordie: "The people who live in the Toon."
by Alberto Rosso August 14, 2007
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Toongabbie - a suburb in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia
"Since they demolished the Picadilly, there's nowhere to shop in Toonie"
by Alberto Rosso August 14, 2007
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To be reprimanded via sms messages on a mobile (aka cell) phone.
"I was suppoesed to take her out for dinner but I stayed with me mates at the pub and boy did she give a right thumb lashing."
by Alberto Rosso August 14, 2007
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