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A Russian web-site in Chicago that caters to transsexuals, infidels, parasites, and brain-dead alcoholics
I'm a illegal Russian immigrant. I go on Chicagovue and find the ass of young boys to rape
by alaric February 28, 2005

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To change the background on someone's computer to something pornographic or disgusting.
Dammit, Jeremy, stop dalspurting my laptop.
by Alaric July 17, 2003

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All-powerful Krath Priest, once a member of the Empire of the Hand and now a Dark Jedi in service to the Brotherhood while searching for his step-brother and commander Raw.

Previously: Mal'ari'naruodoo.
Hey, you sass that hoopy Mal'ari'carun? There's a frood who really knows where his towel is.
by Alaric June 26, 2004

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One who attempts to be different without real effort, i.e. shopping at Hot Topic, and listening to bands such as Disturbed and Trapt.
1. Damn, Brady, would you look at that! The table-9ers have expanded across the aisle to table three!

2. I wonder why such a large percentage of table-9ers are meteorology majors (or vice-versa).
by Alaric July 17, 2003

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The act of inserting an object into an orifice, beginning with the larger or more uncomfortable end.
He stuck a toothbrush in his urethra, happy side first.
by Alaric July 17, 2003

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