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When you see someone you dislike or have a problem with and you guys automatically break out into a scrap upon seeing one another.
1. "If that guy comes through its on sight"

2. "I saw that Evan guy at a party and it was on sight"
by AirMtb May 29, 2016

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Brandon Semenuk is a professional freeride mountain biker, born in Whistler, BC Canada on February 2nd 1991. He by far the best at freestyle and downhill mountain biking.
Did you see Brandon Semenuk compete at Crankworx 2014?
by AirMtb April 11, 2015

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1. A person who rides a medium sized fixed gear cycle that forms the look of a bmx bike with suspension, they are considered to be the most badass style of rider and they get the most pussy

2. A style of bicycle that is used to participate in dirt cycling and tricking
My boyfriend is a dirtjumper and I want his cock all the time.

I am trying to get my girlfriend to buy a dirt jumper but they are very expensive
by AirMtb April 09, 2015

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When you ingest to much wasabi to quickly and it runs through your nasal passages and tear ducts in a quick burning manour and makes it feel like your sinuses and nostrils are on fire.
Ouch! I ate to much wasabi and I have wasabi burn!
by AirMtb April 09, 2015

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A derogatory word for a girl to essentially call her a dog
Yo that Abby girl is such a fucking mutt
by AirMtb June 07, 2016

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Something you shout when your foot loses grip on the pedal of your bike before performing a jump or trick.
Oh shit I couldn't send that jump I had a bad footslip
by AirMtb April 11, 2015

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A Brand of dirt jump cycle made by Norco
I just bought a norco ryde and I love it
by AirMtb April 24, 2015

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